Helping Audrey to Remain Independent


Classic Mobility works with TechMed to provide a service to clients for small adaptations, such as ramps and handrails, to make their lives easier. We received a referral to assist Audrey, a lovely lady who asked us to replace steps with a gentle ramp.

Audrey can walk with assistance (e.g. handrails) but finds steps difficult. She also uses a wheelchair for longer forays with friends and family, therefore the steps from the front door were a hindrance. Audrey wanted to be more independent and the ramp has given her confidence to exit her house unaided.

'The only option for me to escape the confines of my house was a bespoke access ramp. This was so cleverly designed and expertly crafted by Classic Mobility and now allows me the easy access and departure I desired, thank you again.'

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